Thank you Linda

Linda Jones Retires after 31 years of Service

At the end of April, we celebrated the retirement of one of our longest serving and most dedicated members of staff, Linda Jones. Linda worked at BPR Heaton Chartered Accountants for more than 31 years, taking great pride in her work and the relationships that she developed with colleagues and clients.

Linda is an extremely well liked and respected friend, colleague and member of the team who will be missed both personally and professionally. Linda has been an essential asset to the firm and has had a comprehensive impact on the running and success of BPR Heaton throughout her time here. Her ability to boost morale, support her colleagues and share her experience and knowledge will be difficult to replace, and her efforts over the years will not be forgotten any time soon.

Although we will miss Linda, we are pleased that we have been able to all celebrate together and provide her with the send-off that she deserves. We would like to wish her a long and happy retirement as she begins the next chapter in her life from everyone involved with BPR Heaton Chartered Accountants.

Thank you, Linda.