Payroll and Auto Enrolment


BPR Heaton Chartered accountants provide an effective compliant service to help manage and administer your payroll.

Our highly experienced team can help set up the correct and compliant procedures and systems to suit the size and type of your business but are also familiar with most common operating procedures and can dovetail seamlessly into your existing working methods.

In brief we can provide all or any of the following to help manage your payroll.

   Payroll solutions for weekly, fortnightly, four weekly and monthly processes.

   Efficient, accurate and compliant automated payroll systems.

   Cost effective payroll management.

   Tailored to your specific requirements.

   Secure and flexible.

We are highly experienced at capturing and exporting your existing payroll data securely. Alternatively we are more than familiar with using manual timesheets provided by clients and then inputting the data accurately and efficiently.

For clients with no existing payroll systems whatsoever, we are best placed to independently source and work with the most appropriate software for your needs or completely manage your payroll from information supplied.

Once we have the right information, we can quickly produce Pay details, payslips, and details of amounts due to HMRC – all within a few hours.

Payment processing ( If required ) can be organised to both employees and third parties again reducing time and costs to your business and payslips can be forwarded to individuals.

Summary reports, yearend reports , P35s and P60s are all part of the service.

From Your initial enquiry/consultation we will identify your payroll needs, offer the best solution and manage the relationship with a dedicated payroll supervisor on hand at all times and Director level support to ensure your needs are continually serviced leaving you to concentrate on your business.

To find out more please contact [email protected] or simply call 0113 2574506.

Human Resources

For those clients who require or prefer HR support we can offer varying levels of support such as:

   Online HR software and support

   Work with HR providers to fulfil your needs

   Deal with HR administration

   Tailor specific Personnel administration and HR management to your needs.

To find out more please contact [email protected] or simply call 0113 2574506.

Workplace Pensions and Auto Enrolment

We can help you become Auto Enrolment compliant

Compliance, regulation and efficiency are key factors to our business and the ultimate success of yours.

We have already helped many businesses of all sizes implement and run auto enrolment and we are now in a position to offer a personalised solution that complements our payroll bureau service.

We can on your behalf

   Assess the workforce

   Auto enrol the employees

   Provide information to the pension provider and employees

   Process the pension deductions and opt outs

   Report back to the pension provider

   Assess before every payroll process

We can also communicate with your employees, new starters and with employees who become eligible throughout the year

You can nominate us as a second contact with The Pension Regulator

We can provide you with a list of Independent Financial Advisors (IFAs) we work with, to assist you in choosing a pension scheme or you can deal directly with a pension provider or an IFA.

Alternatively we can assist or train you with your own payroll software and we can also provide you with competitive prices should you decide to purchase or upgrade your own payroll software.

To find out more please contact [email protected] or simply call 0113 2574506.