Advisory Services

Business Strategy and Planning

As experienced business owners will testify, the key to success is planning, at all levels. Our experienced team of business advisers will take you through a three stage strategic planning process starting with short term strategic foundation planning through to long term strategic success planning.

Working in partnership, we will advise and guide you through each stage of the planning, assessing the current position of the business from its resources, to its operations and organisation Taking you through to, and identifying the risks and opportunities your business is exposed to.

This assessment will guide us in developing and refining your business and personal goals, including strategies for:

    Business Growth, Profit Improvement and Profit Retention

    Cash Generation and Debt Reduction

    Improving Procedures and Systems

    Effective Monitoring of Performance

    Maximising opportunities and managing risks

    Succession Planning and Training your Future Leaders

    Exit planning


To find out more please contact [email protected] or simply call 0113 2574506.

Over the years BPR Heaton have helped both existing, and new clients with professional advice covering all aspects of business (not just financial).

Our breadth of knowledge and strategic vision can be a very welcome addition when it comes to a helping hand at times of change.

Global vision and experience throughout many sectors and types of business can sometimes indicate trends and common factors and this wider experience can be a vital asset in times of growth or adversity.

Many of our existing clients take good advantage of our knowledge base and regularly involve the team at BPR Heaton in strategic and “one off ” meetings.

Our friendly but sometimes challenging procedures ensure you find the most appropriate methods, systems, and resources for your needs.

Just some of the areas we have helped clients obtain the best results are;

    Attending board and management meetings

    Reviewing operations and procedures

    Advising on IT/accounting systems and compliance

    Help with recovery planning and advice

    Independent professional advice regarding tax investigations

    Developing robust business systems

    “one off ” projects and issues

    Staffing levels and training ( including grants where applicable )

    Financial reporting to banks, funders and shareholders

    Advising on creating and developing cost and profit centres where appropriate

BPR Heaton are independently owned and run and as such exposed to the same factors and issues we all face, be it day-to-day or on a strategic level.

Some accountancy practices do not experience first- hand the pressures and demands SME and start-up businesses face and indeed have no feel whatsoever as an owner run operation.

To find out how we can help with business change and consultancy please email us [email protected] or ring us on 0113 257 4506.

BPR Heaton are experienced and have the in house expertise to help source or review then advise on virtually any funding requirements required for your business.

We have extensive contacts with Banks, lenders and funders covering a wide range of uses and can help guide you with applications and documentation to obtain the best deals available (some of which may not be available on the high street).

Areas of finance and funding we can assist with are;

   Banking and negotiation

   Asset Finance

   Grants and assistance

   Cashflow assistance

   Growth and exit funding

   Cash injections and Debtor Funding

  Venture capital

   Private equity

   Finance to purchase commercial premises

To find out more please contact [email protected] or simply call 0113 2574506.

No client offering would be complete without the expertise and resource to help you sell, or add to, your existing business.

BPR Heaton have the expertise, experience and access to the market place to help you achieve the best possible outcomes and can advise and assist every step of the way.

Working in your best interests and in the strictest confidence we can offer help and advice on ;

    Mergers and Acquisitions


    Management buy-outs and buy-ins

   Funding arrangements

    General advice and consultancy

Over the years we have helped many existing and new clients in this complex and sometimes delicate procedure and have developed our own specialist division “Penrose Business Brokers “- investing in specific expertise and resources to offer customers a highly focussed and beneficial service.

Penrose Business Brokers have advised and assisted all manner of clients over a number of years and within various sectors including Management buyouts, family acquisitions and disposals, succession planning and straight forward taking businesses’ to market.

Please visit for more information or email [email protected].